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Reflection Essay

Reflection essay is basically a piece of writing that is based on personal attributes and experiences, infact how the writer feels about any particular subject to put it in other words. Usually these sorts of essays are observed to be asked by the teachers from the students at early stages of when they are learning to write.  However, this does not necessarily mean that writing reflection essay is a piece of cake or a child’s play.  To put what the writer wants to convey in the most effective manner is not an easy one.

Reflection essay is most significantly considered as one of the tools of self assessment whereby the students or the writer puts forth a unique perspective of life as per his learning from experiences. Since the reflection essay is based on self expression phenomena what the most important thing to be kept in mind is how to convey. The essay should be written in a comprehensive manner so that it might be enable the reader to catch the true soul of what the writer is trying to say. This so because each and every individual who might be reading the essay would have different mental filters and there is a probability that he would interpret in a manner otherwise the writer’s intention.

Another important point is to collect such data that would be supporting as to what the writer is saying through his essay. Searching and reading well known-databases and journal would definitely help in this case. However, the basic trick remains the same i.e. the manner in which the writer conveys and conveys only what he thinks, beliefs or experiences but not of anyone else’s. This is the basic factor that segregates the reflection essay from all the other kinds of essays that you would come across.


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