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Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay or in other words a kind of argumentative essay is essays that usually written in an effort to convince the reader. Although it seems a little bit weird that convincing the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view is something in common in every kind of essay, so the question that would arise in a normal reader’s mind is that why this classification has been made. A simple answer to that is that it is never held imperative for an essay to be holding something to which the reader should be targeted to agree with there are certain other kinds like narrative essay, definition essay etc.

While writing a persuasive essay there are certain points that should be focused upon like the facts, sharing values, strength of the argument to be accepted unanimously and the conclusion to make the reader think to adopt the writer’s mind.

A good persuasive essay demands technical thinking that includes the tactics to tackle and establish facts that would be supporting the argument, clarification of writer’s perspective, arranging and them in  sequence of priority for the purpose of building an argument and the most important of all “the confidence” to communicate whatever the writer is trying to convince the reader upon rather it would be better to call it writer’s self confidence and the confidence upon his work and conclusion.

It is the writer’s technique how he triggers the hot buttons of the issue while writing a persuasive essay i.e. assesses the emotional value and the possible reaction of a particular individual or community towards an issue as a support for his argument.

In short what keeps a persuasive essay alive is a combination of a number of factors like following active voice, source quotations for strong support, focus on such arguments that are logical and staying firm on the point throughout the essay.


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