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Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is a sort of a story that a writer is telling through his pen, usually one that the writer thinks of himself, so people normally are found more interested in reading narrative essay. Narrative essay is fun to read as they tend to develop a picture in the mind of the reader through characters, plots and details.

An important to keep in mind regarding a narrative essay is that the more you want to make your essay interesting, catchy and attractive the more you would require putting efforts into it. This is because the demand for the technicality to develop reader’s interest increases. Not only the writer would have to put effort into thinking interesting events from his life but he also would have to describe the incident in more detailed manner. All this poses a great challenge for the students as every essay that might have been given as an assignment etc. might have different requirements.

A wrong concept about the narrative essay among the students is that they take the essay as a summary of events that they have experienced and jot it down into the same, in fact what they should be doing instead is to put it down in detail and explain it completely in the way the writer was thinking in a way that it should sound more like a story rather than an essay.

Normally from a defined point of view a narrative essay is defined where the author expresses a feeling and most of the times sensory details as well to get the reader involved in the sequence and elements of the story. In short it can be said that when a writer is up to writing a narrative essay he/ she must be aware of all the conventions of a good storyteller.


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