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Globalization Essay

Globalization essay is a difficult task at times. Especially, when students try to generalize things. Globalization itself is a big topic. Many topics can be discussed in it, such as globalization’s affect on environment, products, society, cultures or economies. Let’s take economy for a second. What can we discuss? First,  be specific, take the UK’s economy and discuss globalization affect on it. Such as;

Globalization Essay Topics Tips:

1. Institutional Factors at the National Level of Globalization

The emergence of global trading blocs such as NAFTA and the EU have helped to weaken the national economy. Although the UK is not a member of the single currency, monetary policy continues to be affected by what the ECB interest rate

2. Free Trade

Globalization essay can elaborate, such as, countries have realized the benefits of trade due to the principle of comparative advantage and further gains Specialization. There is less support for protectionism among politicians, despite the protests against the WTO. The U.S. and China have recently reached an agreement to reduce trade barriers between the two countries

3. Capital Mobility

Improving mobility and physical mobility of capital has enabled greater trading profits. This is because it has reduced the cost of transportation and international finance. For example a multinational can produce a good in different countries, for example, you can locate the labor intensive production process in countries with a relative abundance of labor in order to minimize costs worldwide.

4. Economies of Scale

It is argued that a company operates in a global market is able to benefit from greater economies of scale, which can not at the national level.

  • Shared risk eg oil exploration
  • Companies investing in aircraft super jumbos
  • R & D of pharmaceutical companies

Consider some mergers may be subject to low yields or due to diseconomies of scale management (which is more difficult to manage a large enterprise)

5. The Internet

This allows the company to communicate globally, it can overcome the diseconomies of scale management. The company may be able to get cheaper supplies to cope with a wider range of companies. Consumers can also order more products online EG Dell Computers takes orders online and can meet customer specification.Merger of AOL and Time Warner to show the potential of this

Many other aspects can be discussed in globalization essay too. Globalization essay can be a difficult task for some students, perhaps. We have professional writers to cater your topic in a unique way. Order now!………………



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