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Criminal Justice Research Paper

Trying to find a theme for a criminal justice research paper? Trying to search a topic that is easy to write? Do you want something that will not bore your teacher? We have some ideas for you to write your research paper on criminal justice.

Is life without parole sentence fair for all children?

Certainly, a very interesting topic, this is. You can talk about the crimes of juveniles, imprisoned without parole. You can then discuss whether you think that a life without parole sentence is reasonable considering their age and crime. One of the cases that you can take into consideration is the case of Sarah Kruzan. She killed her pimp and rapist when she was 16. She was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Are the courts gender bias?

Such criminal justice research paper discuss any gender bias in courts by comparing several criminal cases. A case in point is of Mary Winkler, who killed her husband some where around  2005-2006. She just spent seven months in prison. Many people would say, had the roles been reversed, the husband would have been imprisoned for life.

What benefits, young offenders have of teen courts?

In this criminal justice research paper, define and discuss the impact of teen courts. A teenager who committed a crime goes before a jury of members consisting of other teenagers. You can read more about teen courts in Texas.

Does WRP ( Work Release Programs) help/ benefits inmates?

Work release programs can become a good topic for criminal justice research paper. You can talk about these programs and their benefits to offender, offenders’ families, and our society in general. If the inmates can keep  their jobs, there is less chances of them applying for the welfare, after getting out of the jail.

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I am glad that I am using research writing service from 99 Writing. It is a great!

Dec 21, 2012 by Maria Alex

I am glad that I am using research writing service from 99 Writing. It is a great!

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