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Argumentative Essay

Essays have no more remained that simple as it used to be a few years back. While looking for one you may come up with a number of types.

What is Argumentative Essay?

These essays are actually the ones that are based on, most probably, the pros and cons of a specific object that is to be discussed. The main purpose is to influence and alter the prevailing beliefs of the readers as the purpose of any argument is to challenge what already exists in the minds of the people.

Context of Argumentative Essay:

Though contesting a pre-eminent idea is not an easy task, yet it provides the writer to express the opinion he holds by addressing and refuting the opposite claims. However, the purpose is not to belittle the opponent or his ideas or to come up with any bias but to prove his claim with facts and figures, statistics, and evidences supporting the writers claim and expert citation that agree with him.

Argumentative essay is not only offensive in nature but also defensive. This is because when you attack you are more prone to, if not greater than at least the equivalent extent of retaliation following a universal law “ for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. So what an argument is meant to do is not only to establish the point but also defend it from the expected refute from the opponent(s).

Researching for Argumentative Essay:

Argumentative essay require an extensive research whether it be of literature, publications or empirical one. This is one of the reasons why argumentative essay is considered more than reliable as they are founded upon the true facts and data that has been collected through untiring efforts , thus following a sort of sound reasoning that gave birth to the writer’s opinion and  establishing a clearer thesis.



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